What You Need to Know Traveling from Berlin to Rome


Full of rich artistic traditions, and home to some of Europe’s most prominent historical landmarks and profound world events, Berlin is the culturally vibrant city linking progressive German innovation  with its colorful and complex past.

Not only a place full of stunning architecture, legendary concert halls and grandiose institutions steeped in artistic excellence, Berlin is also an example of  modern-day Germany and its efforts to redefine itself. berlin-76509_960_720The reconstruction of the Reichstag Capital building is a purposeful redesign, an all glass dome addition  centered prominently atop the legendary building’s roof, offering a 360- degree unfettered view of the  main floor of parliament, and all the daily goings-on of  its elected officials. This transparent access to government symbolizes a new open and inclusive Germany, whose citizens can stand witness to governmental practices, unobstructed, a deliberate step away from the country’s secret and oppressive political past.

The vibrant city of Berlin is currently undergoing an airport expansion that will dramatically alter flight and transit access in and out of the city. Tegel Airport, just 8 miles north of  Berlin and currently the 3rd largest airport in Germany, will soon be replaced by the New Brandenburg Airport. Under construction next to the Shonefeld Airport, it sits just 11 miles south of the city center. ber2With 52+ airlines already flying in and out of Berlin, there will be plenty of airline carrier options that offer frequent flights from Berlin to Rome, including Swiss, Air France, and Ryanair.  Brandenburg Airport and Shonefeld Airports will both operate international and domestic flights once the expansion is complete.

Traveling to Rome

Shonefeld Airport’s several transit options are located right outside the airports 4-gate terminal, and an S-Bahn train station is within easy walking distance. Smaller than Tegel Airport, Shonefeld will remain open and offer overflow service for adjacent Brandenburg Airport. Both will continue frequent flights from Berlin to Rome, with Brandenburg Airport soon becoming the 15th largest international airport in the world.

Once construction is complete, Brandenburg Airport will replace Tegel Airport as Berlin’s main hub for international flights in and out of the city. The 6-floor building  will adjoin 2 parallel runways, with quick onsite access to S-Bahn train service, located just below the main terminal. Regional, long-distance, and airport express trains will make frequent airport stops for easy access to flight connections out of Berlin, in addition to direct routes  by car, taxi or bus to and from the city center.Italy-Colosseum-In-Rome

Reaching Rome

One of the oldest cities in existence, Rome holds some of ancient Europe’s epic historical sites. Once holding up to 50,000 spectators, the largest amphitheater of its time, Rome’s Coliseum still ranks high among  the favorite and  frequently visited tourist spots in Europe, along with the frequent Catholic pilgrimage to visit the omnipresent Vatican City for a glimpse of the Pope.trevi

Trevi Fountain’s depiction of Neptune’s conch-like chariot led by 2 seahorses, an homage to the volatile duality of the sea,  and 17th century St. Peter’s Basilica, the largest Roman Catholic Church ever built all reside within Rome’s city limits. Each is a comfortable walk  from Rome’s city center. Or, you can hop on one of the several trains or buses operating routes throughout the city. Travel from any of Rome’s airports is an easy car or taxi ride away, with public transportation options existing at each.

Getting to the city center

Rome has two airports near the central part of the city.free basilica The smaller, budget-friendly Ciampino Airport offers regular deals on cheap flights from Berlin to Rome for travelers who want to save a few dollars.

In addition to the convenient and regular transit available at both airports by car, taxi or bus, Rome’s main Fiumicino Airport also has convenient and regular train service aboard the Leonardo Express. Only a 30-minute ride to Rome’s main Termini Station, the Leonardo Express runs twice an hour to and from the airport. FL1 trains also run every 15 minutes,  however, with multiple stops and a train transfer on route to Rome, it is not the most efficient way to get to the city’s center. Unless you’re renting a car or prepared to pay a hefty mile rate via Taxi, Leonardoardo Express is the fastest, as well as the most economical route to the heart of Rome.


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