Daily prompt:Sandwich​

Daily prompt: Sandwichdeath-valley…so here’s the sandwich:  WE’RE THE SANDWICH.

Those of us who still feel the Bern, but don’t hate, or even dislike our now newly Green friends.

Those of us who haven’t unfriended the people we’ve known all our lives, or even just the ones on Facebook, for supporting “Her”.

Those of us genuinely terrified of Trump, and equally afraid of a continued tyrannical reign of  Tea Party Republican radicals dominating our entire Government, and possibly  all three houses of government.

Those of us who’ve stayed in the party, but joined Our Revolution.

Those of us who come up against our same old struggle: Do we abandon our principles and vote for the common good, or will our acquiescence mean we’re co-conspirators in  everything we know is wrong and corrupt and in need of change, and won’t ever as long as someone’s  standing ready to sell us their stories that the alternative would be SO MUCH WORSE. And there’s always someone standing ready, telling us this story. And we know the alternative has the potential to be so so much worse…

…Believe me, We get that. That’s why were sandwiched in the middle.

Those of us who know there’s always going to be someone worse and things will never really start to change until we stop our perpetual flop, till we decide we’re finally ready to take out our permanent markers and draw unerasable lines in the sand.

And we also know our time is running out.

And now that we’re awake, we can’t go back to sleep, or ignore our crumbling. We’re sandwiched , solidly in between, unable to decipher definitely the bigger risk and what we’re really sacrificing when we choose.

We’re sandwiched between our allies now arguing with each other from either progressive poll, defiantly perched on   Jill or Berniecrat campgrounds, bickering endlessly over who’s the “real” sell-out instead of getting to work on real issues at hand, at our real enemy’s door, and in our real fight where we need our should-be allies to stand up with, united against  real opposition, threatening  progress and possibly our very existence. That fight is lost if we stand alone. And that fight, my friends, has barely even begun.

Sandwiched, nice and snug, tightly in between that old familiar haunt at the corner of  a Rock and A Hard Place where nothing ever feels good and no decision right.

I’m neither a Hillary hater nor a Jill Lover. I believe one is terribly flawed and forever compromised in precisely the wrong direction, and the other politically inexperienced without political allies or a chance in hell of getting elected with only 3% of the vote. And who, quite frankly, just doesn’t inspire the same passion so recently experienced under the warm glow of the Bern.

Not to say that I don’t agree with just about everything she says. or that I haven’t felt the let down so many of us have experienced at our Bernie-abandoning. So, I’m sandwiched here, too.

Perpetually sandwiched, unable to get out, get free, get to higher ground where I can clear my head and see things farther, look out and over, above the fray,  where the whole big picture seems perfectly crystal, where I can hear my instincts ringing loud and strong  like thunder, pointing me in the right direction.

Or at least away from the one that’s wrong…

I know I’m not the only one stuck here in this nebulous middle. According to some recent poll or other, there’s a whole whopping 17% of us wafflers who don’t like our odds in any direction.

I keep half expecting something definitive will happen so I don’t have to be in this difficult place, but I know that’s all just so much wishful thinking…

Sometimes there just aren’t any good choices.

Just hard decisions you eventually have to make…



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Daily prompt:Sandwich


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