From environmental activist to Opera Singer to mother and disability survivor, my life has been a colorful array of ever-changing careers and creative experiences. Yet with every profession, there has always been one unifying element: writing! When I worked as an environmental activist I was constantly rewriting my “rap”. As an opera singer working for a nonprofit one of the many hats I wore was “writer”. I assisted with grant proposals, publicity blurbs, production descriptions, newspaper announcements, fundraisers, donor letters, and advertising emails and blogs. More recently, while temporarily immobile recovering from surgery, I began blogging, mostly political posts, the presidential primary a particular focus of mine. I now work as a freelance writer and I’m looking to expand my skills into other writing arenas.

Currently, I write for a variety of different industries and services. I have written blog advertisements, product descriptions, service reviews, informational blogs, persuasion articles, opinion pieces, medical topic articles, news articles, political commentary, parenting articles, listicles, top 10’s, website descriptions, event promotions, speeches, instructional articles, and travel blogs. I’m also a fast and detailed researcher who enjoys coming up with new and interesting perspectives on writing topics. I love learning new and interesting information and thoroughly enjoy the creative writing process. I am eager to put my skills to use and hope to gain some new ones along the way!